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FORCEFIELD Pro Shirt Air X-V w/ CE2 Armor

The Forcefield Pro Shirt XV 2 AIR provides industry leading protection specifically tailored for elite athletes in the hottest environments 

  • CE2 Back and Chest. Isolator 2 limb armor
  • Brand new Seam-less loom full mesh technology has resulted in a fabric that not only is lighter, with unbeatable breathability, but is as strong as a regular fabric.
  • Featuring a CE 2 ‘free fitting’ back insert and Chest part, and Isolator CE 2 Isolator limb armor. This garment offers the best of all worlds.
  • Featuring a super lightweight construction, complete with side zip.
  • Super soft and comfortable construction.
  • The CE 2 back and chest armor parts provide un-rivaled ‘free fitting’ flexibility. This is achieved by a unique cutting pattern throughout the layers of Forcefield’s own Dynamic Reactive Intelligent Materials. DRI-M technology
  • Massive Protection. Freefit back armor from 6kN- Limb armor from 10.6kN!
  • Forcefield’s unique industry leading Isolator armor is not only 3d moldable, super soft, heat reactive, but also has multi-Impact technology. All from a super slim (CE2 12mm) and light weight design. (From 96g).
  • CE2 Armour in Back, Chest, Shoulder and Elbow.
  • Seam-less mesh technology
  • BeCool™ 4-channel, base layer technology for increased breathability and wicking
  • Heat activated body molding
  • Ergonomic design
  • Airflow control and humidity discharge
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Lighter weight removable armor
  • Armour thickness from only 12mm
  • Isolator CE 2 passes all 4 areas of the CE2 test (Ambient, Wet, Hot, Cold)
  • Re-designed Chest and Back Protector parts (CE2) and now ‘free fitting’.
  • Repeat Performance Technology
  • DRI-M technology. (Dynamic Reactive Intelligent Materials)
  • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large/XXL
  • Technology: Flexible Layering System, Heat Activated, Breathable, Soft & Comfortable, Lightweight, Repeat Performance Technology, High Energy Absorption, Anti-bacterial, Machine Wash, Wicking.
  • The Pro Shirt is also available without armor.
  • Quite possibly the lightest, most protective, most breathable, most comfortable armor system available!

$260.00 USD $290.00 USD