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Forcefield AR Knee Tube w/ CE2 Armor

Forcefield AR Knee Tube w/ CE2 Armor

$130.00 USD

Easy to fit, the A.R. knee protector has the option to be worn externally, over jeans or next to the skin. An excellent choice for both on and off-road use.

  • A clever abrasion resistant fabric covers the forward face of the protector and also the outer side resulting in a tough exterior where needed most. The open area behind the knee equals great breathability and added flexibility with no bunching of material.
  • Armor passes all 4 aspects of the CE2 test
  • Modular, armor is removable.
  • Abrasion resistant points where needed most. High Tensile strength abrasion resistant fabric with internal coating specifically located on knee face and on outer side of the knee.
  • Innovative design and a clever fastening system with lots of adjustability.
  • Wrap around - Easy fit and removal elastic strap system with silicone grip.
  • Silicone gripper positioned on the inside keep the protector anchored in place- exactly where it needs to be
  • Additional pads help protect the knee from side impacts
  • Soft Backing fabric for comfort.
  • Base layer is fully breathable.
  • Machine washable (with armor removed).
  • Sold in pairs.

One size fits most: 

Top Strap: 44-50cm (17 1/4"-19 1/2")

Bottom Strap: 39-43cm (15 1/2"-17")