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Right-Hand (Throttle Side) Combo Switch for Roadbook and ICO

A complete set of spare switches for your right-hand (throttle) side. This is a mirror copy of our favorite combo switch.

Use the odometer switches to control your second ICO or TripMaster under normal circumstances. In the event of a switch or odometer failure, just switch the cable connectors and keep racing.

Use the spare roadbook switch in the event of a switch failure. Works with either the MD or F2R roadbook (and several others, see the Specifications below). Machined aluminum construction.  Very ergonomic design.  Very tough switches.  Compact and easy to install. 


- Both water and dust-proof. 
- Easy installation and maintenance. Both cables include IP67 connectors 
- Tripmaster - 3 Push buttons :

  • High sensitive buttons (even with gloves) placed in a ergonomic position
  • Supports ICO Rallye VR Light (grey), ICO Rallye 2000 (red) and Touratech IMO 100R50 Rallye, IMO 100R300  and KTM Tripmaster (*)

- Roadbook holder toggle switch

  • Robust and low force operation toggle switch
  • Supports F2R, MD and Touratech (RB-TT i and RB-TT *MvG*) roadbook holders

(*) For now, Touratech and KTM tripmasters connection will require connector removal and wire connection. Cable adapter available soon. 

$245.00 USD $305.00 USD