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RALLY EXPLAINER - RallyComp Install

Posted by Matthew Glade on
RALLY EXPLAINER -  RallyComp Install

The RallyComp is a simple, effective device for rally tracking, scoring, and communication. It is not available for purchase, but is provided by race organizers to competitors for use during the event. It is becoming the standard for rally use in North America and beyond.

RallyComp Features:

  • Odometer, Adjustable
  • Cap Meter/Electronic Compass
  • Speedometer
  • Audible alert

Course Compliance

  • Speed Zone Compliance, Tracking, Audible Alert
  • Hidden Waypoints (WPM) with penalty Logging
  • Open Waypoints (WPE) with penalty Logging
  • Show Closed Waypoint with penalty
  • GPX Input of DSS,WP, SZ,FSS, Etc.
  • GPX Track Log
  • Arrow Guidance
  • ODO Auto Set at Waypoints
  • Stage Summary
  • Simple PC-based interface for programming device


  • Sentinel with Audible Alert
  • Turn On/Show Waypoints with guidance (No Lost Drivers/Riders)

Timing (Immediate Stage Results)

  • Stage Time Calculation
  • Stage adjusted Time with penalties (Shown WP, Missed WP & Speed Zone)
  • Wireless stage results transmitted to organization PC
  • Results published as riders arrive


  • Seamless interface with popular online roadbook software
  • One button publish results to web

The RallyComp consists of 5 Components:

  • Display
  • Iridium Antenna
  • RF Antenna
  • Power Connection
  • Optional Switch Connection  

The display mounts on your vehicle on two M5 studs with AMPS spacing using rubber grommets for spacing and dampening. This is the standard mounting arrangement for other rally tripmeters such as ICO or RNS. 

We have a variety of mounts for the RallyComp to suit your specific vehicle and use:

  • The RallyComp fits any of our Roadbook Brackets in the tripmeter position above the roadbook.
  • We have a specific RallyComp/Tripmeter Plate for our Modular Roadbook Bracket that allows the RallyComp to mount below the roadbook in cases when the top two tripmeter positions are occupied, or when the rider prefers to have the RallyComp closer for better viewing.
  • The RallyComp fits anywhere on our Digital Device Bracket for those running it alongside a tablet or other consumer electronic roadbook. Note that our RallyComp/Tripmeter Plate can be added to the Digital Device bracket if you need more space. 
  • We have a Billet Centre Mount that clamps to the handlebars between the handlebar clamps.
  • We have a Handlebar Clamp Mount that utilizes the handlebar clamp bolts. This fits KTM/Husqvarna and Yamaha bikes.
  • We have a RAM system that replaces one of the handlebar clamp bolts with a RAM ball that links with a RAM arm to an AMPS plate to carry the RallyComp.
Note that your mounting must allow clear access to the microSD port located on the front of the device, as this card will be changed during your event. See diagram above.

The Iridium Antenna provides GPS, Tracking, and Communication capability. It must be mounted upright with a clear view of the sky. Common mounting places are on top of the clutch or brake reservoirs, or on one of our antenna brackets.

RallyMotoShop RallyComp Iridium Antenna

The RF Antenna uploads tracking data to the race organizers at the finish of your stage. It is mounted vertically in a protected position of best fit on the front right of your motorcycle.

Power is supplied via the provided 12vdc cable. Note that it must be connected to a fused 12vdc source on your motorcycle.

Rally Moto Shop Rally Comp Antenna

The RallyComp is generally controlled by the buttons on the device, but in some specific situations, RallyComp Staff can assist you in connecting the device to a standard rally tripmeter switch for remote control.

RallyComp Staff at Tech Inspection at your event can assist you in selecting the best install details to ensure proper operation of the RallyComp. 

They may have different or more specific instructions for the install on your specific vehicle than the general ones given above.

The use of the RallyComp is very simple. Specific instruction will be provided at your event, but here's a quick video demo showing the RallyComp in use (video credit to Scott Bloom, Baja Rally):





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