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About Us

We'd like to help you get ready for a Cross-Country Rally, on two wheels or four! 

RMS is the most experienced rally team in North America, having been to the Dakar Rally an amazing 11 times since 2004. We've been participating in rallies for many years and know how to prepare, train, and compete. Let us help you get to the finish!

RMS is owned by Matthew Glade and Aleina Spigelman, and is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Matthew has been an avid motorcycle racer since he was three years old!  He has now made his passion for riding, for racing, and for the moto community into his business with the acquisition of RMS from their good friend, Dave Peckham. Helmets off to those who started RMS, as we take it even farther.

While our warehouse is in Vancouver, we love that our customers come from all over the world.  We ship parts worldwide and regularly to the USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentine, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mongolia, and anywhere else you may find yourself.

RMS is the global centre for Rally Information and Inspiration. We are as excited about your build and about your race as you are!  We work hard to provide you with all your rally needs, and to deliver the best personalized customer service in the business. 

First, we draw from our own extensive rally experience to source the best and most complete range of products, and when we can't find something we want, we design and produce it ourselves (check out our RMS Developed Products page).

Second, we work to always deliver more than you expect in your interactions with RMS. From beginners to the world's best, if you have questions about Rally or Rally Bikes, contact us. If you do not see a special part you need, contact us - we can usually find it, or help you find a solution.  If you are ever unhappy with an experience or a purchase, please contact us so we can make it better than right.  And if you are happy with an experience or a purchase, let us know that, too!

From time to time, we'll post information and advice here, so please check back.

Lastly, we are rally fans too! We love hearing about your rally plans, your builds, and your races!  Send us email, or tag us on social media (Facebook, Instagram).