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RMS Sonora Rally Tower

$1,590.00 USD

Frustrated by expensive, heavy, bulky, rally towers that break on the stage, leaving you fixing rather than racing? Us too!

We have combined our racing experience with with the hydroforming and machining technology of a high-end downhill mountain bike frame builder to design and build a truly innovative new rally tower.  

  • The Sonora Tower's monocoque construction is significantly stronger and stiffer than the common bolted plate style used in other towers. Imaging building a your rally bike frame out of bolted together aluminum plate - Would it last? Would it be stiff enough to ride? Of course not! Why keep using towers like this when we can extend that same kind of formed technology that's in your moto frame forward into your tower. No more cracking, no more flexing, no more vibration. We're so sure about this, we guarantee the metal against breakage for 5 years. 
  • The Sonora Tower is significantly lighter than anything else on the market. The metalwork weighs in at just 728g (1lb, 10oz) despite being a full 3.5mm (1/8" thick). 
  • The Sonora Tower's unique geometry and slim profile does not restrict turning radius like many others do. Your rally bike can still turn like an enduro!
  • The Sonora Tower has a breakaway hinge design to improve rider safety and comply with new FIM regulations. The tower is supplied with both steel mounting bolts as well as break-away nylon mounting bolts.
  • The Sonora Tower has threaded inserts for mounting an f2r Power Box
  • The Sonora Tower has a machined billet mount for a Baja Designs Squadron Series Light
  • The Sonora Tower uses a universal 12mm bar for roadbook/tablet/gps mounting to easily convert from Rally to Adventure.
  • The Sonora Tower has a dedicated tab for mounting of a switch to control roadbook power.
  • The Sonora Tower uses a universal billet aluminum mounting bracket that bolts directly to the head stock of nearly any bike, and can be welded to any aluminum framed bike. Much stronger and durable than other clamp systems. 
  • The Sonora Tower frame mounts on the bike bracket with just 2 bolts, making converting the bike from Rally to Enduro a simple task. 

The Sonora Tower includes: billet bike bracket, formed tower frame, clear windscreen, all mounting fasteners, 2 "break-away" nylon mounting bolts, and is available with your choice of a Baja Designs Squadron Sport (3150 Lumens) or a Squadron Pro (4900 lumens). 

Sonora Tower is the next leap forward in Rally Technology and Design and solves the issues faced by the current towers on the market to truly help you go farther and go faster!