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CrossCountryADV Rally Footpegs

Product details:

These premium quality footpegs are made from ultra lightweight and strong EN 7075 T651 (T-6) aircraft grade aluminum alloy, CNC machined from one solid billet.

The development is based on the experiences of rally racers and talented adventure riders, the footpegs are well tested in several rallies, different terrains and conditions.

The center of gravity has been shifted by 4mm down and back compared to the OEM footpegs in order to achieve better control on the rear wheel.

The footpegs are wider and longer for more comfort during the long rides. The 3 rows of spikes (which are natural finished CrMo4 allen head grub screws) are replaceable and providing excellent grip without tearing up the boot soles.

Durable hard eloxed finish:

The product is finished with a special and durable “coating” in matte grey color. The hard eloxal technique generates a very hard, ceramic-like surface on the aluminum with high wear resistance. The pressure resistance of hard eloxated aluminum surface is comparable with hardened steel.

Compared to normal (for example the orange or blue colored, 5-25 µm thick) eloxation or anodization, this 50-100 µm thick “coating” won’t wear off after 3-6 months of use. The color of surface of hard eloxed 7075 T6 aluminum is medium grey to anthracite.

The laser engraved logo will complete this superior finish.

Lifetime guarantee:

The mounting part has been redesigned and strengthened so it is durable even under the most extreme conditions.

If you compare these footpegs to other similar products, you can find out that it’s not just an art of work, but the 7075 aluminum alloy and the thickness of the material also make our footpegs unique on the market.

We have trust in our product and offer a lifetime guarantee: if you brake it, we will change them free of charge – no questions asked.

For what purpose?

Our footpegs are designed not only for Dakar Rally, Africa Eco Race or other cross-country rallies but highly recommended for round-the-world trips, extreme expeditions and any long distance adventures.

The package includes:

– 1 pair of RALLY/ADV footpegs in EVA foam
– 1 pair of galvanized steel springs
– 1 pair of stainless steel cotter pins

$250.00 USD