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Mounting an ICO to a Roadbook Reader

Rally roadbooks show the kilometers or miles on the left side.  So, you will want your ICO (odometer) above the left side of the roadbook reader.  

One option is to purchase a support bracket to hold both the ICO and Roadbook Reader.  This is mandatory if you plan to also run a CAP repeater, GPS and/or Iritrack antennae, or multiple ICOs.  The weight of several instruments will damage your Roadbook Reader over the course of a long event.

But, the roadbook reader can handle one ICO without a support bracket.  This is a good setup for practice, or for events like the Australasian Safari.  This is what we use on our Rally School rental bikes.  

To mount the ICO to the roadbook reader:
1.  Find the flat aluminum piece that comes with the ICO.
2.  Bend it as shown in the photo.  I did this with a hammer and a vise.
3.  Drill holes and rivet the piece to the roadbook reader, see photo below.
4.  Attach the ICO.
5.  Attach to the bike using our clamps.
6.  Connect 12V DC power, switches, and go ride.

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