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Reversing your roadbook's direction

For most events, roadbooks are printed top-to-bottom on the paper (e.g. Dakar-style). F2R and MD roadbooks are designed for this configuration. However, some events, like the Tuareg Rallye, have the roadbooks printed in reverse order. This means that the roadbook scrolls in the wrong direction.

For MD roadbooks, there are two options for solving this problem. If you are using the stock MD switch, just rotate it 180 degrees and you are done. Or, you can reverse the polarity for the motor. We install bullet connectors on the motor wire so we can switch back and forth easily. Remember, LEDs are polarity-dependent, so you can't reverse the polarity to the LED.

For F2R roadbooks, you must reverse the polarity as well. F2R has supplied these PDF instructions.

Rally on!