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Routing front brake lines for rally fairings

This Tech Tip is a supplement to our sensor cable routing tips.

The standard front brake line routing for dirt bikes poses some problems for rally installations.

The OEM setup runs straight up the left fork leg and all the slack brake line bounces around in the cockpit. On rally bikes, the brake line may snag on navigation equipment or chafe against the fairing.

To alleviate these problems, we can:

1) Remove the stiff black sleeve from the lower half of the brake line (or have custom lines made). Be very careful not to damage the brake line itself. If you have any doubt, order a custom brake line.

2) Run the brake line down the right fork leg to the lower triple clamp with no slack. Fix the brake line to the triple clamps using rubber-cushioned loop clamps to prevent movement. On KTM's the lower triple clamp has two threaded holes which can be used. On CRF's there is one on the upper and one on the lower. 

Now all of the slack created by fork compression will be absorbed in the section of line between the lower clamp and the fork protector.


KTM setup with two loop clamps on lower triple clamp. (photo © Rally Moto Kit)


CRF setup with one loop clamp on upper triple clamp...


...and another loop clamp on the lower clamp.