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Rally Team Leadership & Logistics

We can do everything necessary to prepare for and to compete in an international rally. This includes advice, training, parts, rules interpretation, help with paperwork, shipping, packing lists, mechanical and logistical assistance during rallies, and repatriation of your bike and equipment. We usually send an assistance truck and team to support motorcycle competitors in the Dakar Rally. Our support team is the most experienced in North America, having helped most of the North American riders to have finished the Dakar since 2004.

Professional Race Navigators For Hire

Our crew includes riders who have finished multiple Dakars and other FIM rallies aboard motorcycles. Motorcycle riders must race and navigate at the same time without the benefit of car tracks on the course, so they are naturally the best navigators. Our team members also teach navigation and ride thousands of miles of practice rally routes each year. They know rally strategy and are good race-time mechanics. If you are considering racing a car or truck in the Dakar or any other major event, consider the benefit of using one of our team members as the experienced navigator in your vehicle.