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Rally Nav Self Power Kit

Want to run Rally Navigation Equipment on a bike with no battery? We can do that! Just clamp to the bars and go racing!


  • 6600mAh lithium battery in protective case with both overcharge and discharge protection. Gives GPS based tripmeters approximately 3 days endurance, and wheel sensor-based tripmeters 5 days endurance. Battery is easily removable for charging. 
  • Protection and mounting bracket that mounts to any standard roadbook bracket.
  • Custom wiring harness - standard wiring harness is for one tripmeter and f2r RB730 roadbook holder, but we can build anything you need.
  • 120v charger - while these kits are designed for long endurance, we recommend daily charging for best results.

Spare Battery for additional range or redundancy here

Note - Roadbook holder, tripmeter(s) and mounts not included

$100.00 USD