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RMS Universal Navigation Clamps

Our own design updated for 2021: billet aluminum clamps which make it easy to mount rally navigation gear, or any equipment using a crossbar, to any motorcycle.  These place the navigation equipment up high and forward, in the perfect position for viewing while either sitting or standing.  Comes with 12 mm round crossbar that you can cut to your desired length.

TIP: to ensure no slippage, always use blue Loctite thread locker on the screws.

Fits 28mm (1-1/8") handlebars, including Flexx bars. For 22mm (7/8") bars add our Clamp Adapter.

The length of the arm is 14.5 cm from the center of the crossbar to the center of the handlebar. The length of the crossbar is 22 cm.

Check out the Podium Rally Navigation kit.  

$125.00 USD $140.00 USD