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Rally Navigation Kit

Everything you need to race nearly any rally in the world, at a new, more affordable price. Get out there and get racing! Save $75 when you buy this as a kit.

Bolts on and off the bike in 5 minutes using our own in-house designed RMS Universal Clamps and brackets. We have raced with this kit around the world and it's great!

Kit contents:

Requires 12V power from your bike. 

Be sure to read this Tech Tip about how to route and secure your cables properly. Consider ordering spare sensor cable for your kit.

Note that the Tripmeter in this kit is wheel sensor driven and does not offer CAP (compass heading). This kit relies on an additional GPS device (ERTF, RallyComp, consumer GPS) for CAP heading. If you want a GPS-based Tripmeter with CAP capability, or the basic roadbook or switches aren't what you need, build your own Podium Rally Kit. We offer the same kit discount on our a-la-carte kits as well!

Questions? We love to talk rally! Contact us, and we can help you find the best gear fit for you, and help you get started in Rally!

Installation video and instructions are online.


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